Sales Enablement

Help your sales team achieve new successes on the way from product to solution sales. Using the Sales Enablement feature, POLUMANA® automatically provides your sales team with the best support for the sales conversation. Relevant campaigns, presentations and training materials keep your staff on the pulse of customer needs to present the best solutions.

Supporting tools for developing sales opportunities: With POLUMANA® you don't just sell a product - you also have the opportunity to sell a feeling with the right narrative. Your mobile device provides all the materials for a successful sales pitch. You find the most relevant content for your customer at first glance, clearly arranged and 100% offline compatible.

Sales success is no coincidence!




with video presentations, lookbooks or data sheets with just a few clicks and thus present your portfolio in an exciting way.



Set milestones for the customer conversation in the POLUMANA® app and never miss a sales opportunity.

Visit reports

Capture mobile

No more follow-up at the end of the day. Enter visit reports as a predefined checklist during the sales call or by voice input.

Functions at a glance

  • Multimedia marketing materials (video & image)
  • Integration training materials PDF documents with interactions (from lookbook to shopping cart)
  • Sales campaigns for sales support
  • Lead generation campaigns
  • Provision of marketing campaigns (via CMS)
  • Guided selling
  • Trade show promotions
  • External website integration
  • Checklists & surveys

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POLUMANA® modules for sales

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