Retail App

In the POLUMANA® retail app, retailers can find all the data, prices, campaigns and conditions that are intended for them. This allows existing customers to order independently.

Save time - for you and your customers

With the POLUMANA® Retail app, recurring orders can easily be entered directly - without the field service always having to be on site.




The retail app enables customers to independently place orders, check inventory levels, and create complaints.



You can give your customer an insight into your company systems without having to show them everything. The dealer always has the latest information available and is therefore always up to date.



As a manufacturer, you only pay for the retail app if the retailer actually uses it. If no orders come in via the app, nothing is charged.

Functions at a glance

  • Direct ordering function by the customer
  • Always current data
  • Only data intended for the customer
  • Multimedia product presentation on the surface
  • Billing according to effort

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POLUMANA® modules for sales

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