Order Entry

This is how you conduct sales talks efficiently and successfully! With the POLUMANA® app, you can stay focused on your customer - not on operating your tools. A quick order entry in an app that quickly and clearly brings all the framework conditions of the orders into your field of vision.

Use your time at the customer's site to capture their needs. With the Order Entry mobile app, you can enter orders both online and offline. The focus remains on the conversation with the customer and is not distracted with the operation of tools.

POLUMANA® - more than just putting products in a shopping cart


Flexible acquisition

Whether graphically guided, via barcode scanner or by quick entry: the shopping cart is always just a tap away.

Comprehensive overview

Contract and general conditions always at a glance, including prices, stock levels, delivery times, conditions, delivery addresses and much more.

Cross-selling and upselling

Product recommendations are automatically determined using AI analysis and displayed during the ordering process.

Functions at a glance

  • Shopping cart with resubmission function
  • Fast entry
  • Graphically-guided product selection
  • Differentiation / processing of offers, orders, credit notes, complaints, etc.
  • Delivery periods at a glance
  • Optional internal / external scanner function
  • Signature function
  • Shopping cart
  • Recommendations based on past orders - using AI analysis
  • From the lookbook directly into the shopping cart

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Further POLUMANA® modules

Configure your app! In addition to Order Entry, POLUMANA® offers further modules for sales and service: