Mobile CRM

The lean solution for the field service: The POLUMANA® app bundles all the necessary CRM functions that the field service needs. Mobile, intuitive, offline-capable.

With the POLUMANA® app, you always have all customer information at hand in the field. Regardless of whether your company already uses a CRM system or not. The POLUMANA® app is the perfect mobile solution for your customer visit.

POLUMANA® is the perfect sales tool for you! Knowledge about the customer, about his sales behavior and about the contact history: everything is clearly presented in an app. So you always have the perfect overview and can concentrate on the sales conversation.

Everything you need to know about the customer!




The POLUMANA® app combines customer data from different systems, such as CRM or ERP. In addition to customer master data, order history, open orders and static evaluations are always available, even offline.



Start customer interactions directly in the app. Important functions such as email, telephone, appointment calendar or navigation are just a tap away through the POLUMANA® app.

With and without CRM system

If no CRM system is available, customer data, sales opportunities, activities and visit reports remain in the POLUMANA® app.

Functions at a glance

  • Customer data
  • Contacts
  • Lead entry
  • Opportunity
  • Tasks
  • Visit reports
  • Timeline
  • 100% offline capability

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Further POLUMANA® modules

Configure your app! POLUMANA® offers further modules for sales and service in addition to Mobile CRM: