Digital spare parts catalog

Your spare parts catalog as an app is ready for use anywhere - whether online or offline. You always have the complete product information at hand - from the data sheet to the installation instructions. With the POLUMANA® app, you can find a quick and reliable solution for your customer.

The POLUMANA® app brings together all relevant spare parts data and prepares it clearly for the service call.

The right part is just a tap away




Clear presentation even with a very large number of products images, brochures, educational material, exploded assembly drawings, explanatory videos, product information, price and inventory information.



Our intelligent navigation makes it easier and faster for you to find your way around. Filter functions, hierarchies and quick search give you the right clue to make a quick and correct statement.

Connection to the order function

The customer-specific shopping cart is just a tap away. The spare parts catalog can also be used as a store. No post-processing, no queries with the office staff required and immediately with signature from the customer.

Functions at a glance

  • Clearly arranged presentation / display even with a very large number of products
  • 100% offline capability
  • Extensive filter functions
  • Easier sorting and grouping of similar products
  • Technical data sheets, exploded drawings, assembly instructions (also as video)
  • Service and order history
  • Favorite search and management
  • Information material in different formats possible (image, video, PDF, office, ...)
  • Direct connection to the order function
  • Display of order history for items already ordered by the customer
  • Consumption statistics

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