Digital product catalog

The product catalog is the be-all and end-all for you as a salesperson. All product information always at hand, clearly arranged in the app, online and offline. With POLUMANA® you convince in every sales talk with competence and effectiveness.

Present your product portfolio in an appealing and contemporary way! The more extensive the product selection, the more added value the POLUMANA® app can offer in the field. If you are not able to meet your customer in person, you can present all your products digitally and forward any information directly from the app.

Product presentation made easy



Clear presentation and fast navigation even with a very large number of products incl. images, brochures, teaching material, exploded assembly drawings, explanatory videos, product information, price and inventory information.



As a salesperson, you no longer have to worry about whether you have network coverage. The product presentation and the consultation can take place at any time, even with unstable network coverage.


With the product catalog in combination with the customer data and the order entry function, you already have the basic equipment for the most important sales tasks.

Functions at a glance

  • Clearly arranged presentation / display even with a very large number of products
  • 100% offline capability
  • Intelligent filter functions
  • Easier sorting and grouping of similar products
  • Extensive item detail views, status displays, supplemented by price and inventory information
  • Related information material easily accessible, integrated with each product
  • Favorite search and management
  • Information material in different formats possible (image, video, PDF, Office, ...)
  • Direct link to the order function
  • Display of order history for items already ordered by the customer
  • View of accessories and similar items
  • Supports cross- and upselling
  • For tablets and smartphones

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POLUMANA® modules for sales

Configure your sales app! Besides the digital product catalog, POLUMANA® offers more modules that make your daily sales routine easier: