Digital planning board

With the digital planning board you get an optimized overview of the assignments of your field staff. Our intelligent algorithms compile the perfect schedule individually for each field service employee, taking into account qualifications, vacation, illness, break times, route, and much more.

Finding the best combination of order, service and technician

The technician overview in the dispatcher app provides the basis for profitable fulfillment of customer orders. For this purpose, the office staff can record and filter the available capacities according to technical or regional criteria such as qualification, availability and deployment area. Precise deployment planning increases the workload of the teams and reduces travel times. Repair requests are answered quickly and regular maintenance measures are carried out in a cost-optimized manner.

As a counterpart to the technician overview, an order overview with depth of field is available: This gives the dispatcher an overview of all performance, quality and deadline specifications and enables him to plan professionally. Competence profiles of service staff and work requirements can be precisely coordinated so that the most suitable technician receives the order and ensures a high level of customer satisfaction. The POLUMANA® dispatch app makes dispatching particularly easy with its own overview.

How do you get to perfect planning?

The digital planning board plans all factors of a tour and calculates the best possible tour for a whole team.


Automatic optimization

Data such as the employees' place of residence, route, order duration, hotels, round trip or star trip, and much more are taken into account and calculated into a perfectly coordinated tour.



As a scheduler, you can quickly and intuitively adjust the automatic planning via drag & drop. The app supports you with intelligent overlays.

Connection to service app

With the seamless connection to the POLUMANA® service app, the digital planning board can be expanded into a comprehensive field service control system with success monitoring.

Functions at a glance

  • Higher performance, i.e. faster processing
  • Compressed weekly view with option to switch to detailed view of daily orders
  • Quick functions, e.g. move appointment to another day (drag & drop)
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Detailed view of special requirements for maintenance orders
  • Clear illustration of the assignment of two service technicians to one order - (consideration of criteria according to qualification of personnel or time constraints)
  • Scheduling and mapping of breaks between orders (manual shifting of breaks possible by simple drag & drop)
  • Matching and adjustment of scheduled travel times with real-time navigation

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Customer reviews

Experience first-hand how the POLUMANA® dispatch app was able to support the company Haustechnik Oberland in scheduling maintenance jobs within the teams.

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