With POLUMANA®, selling is finally fun again! Bring together all tasks and functions in one app in order to inspire your customers.

Digital technologies have permanently changed B2B sales processes.

Modern sales teams use digital tools to automate repetitive tasks and help customers make buying decisions in person - on-site or virtually. No paper, no post-processing, all information always and everywhere with you. With the POLUMANA® app, you map your entire sales processes. The app imports real-time data from all common systems, so that you can immediately provide each customer with the best individual offers, delivery dates or conditions. The app is also ready for use 24/7 offline with all customer and product data.

Digital product catalog

Your product catalog always at hand: digital, handy, as an app.

Mobile CRM

All customer info at your fingertips

Sales Enablement

Selling more successfully with the right tools

Order Entry

Mobile article ordering made easy

Tour planning

The most efficient route for your customer visits

POLUMANA® modules for sales

Configure your sales app! POLUMANA® offers all modules that make your daily sales routine easier:

Most important at a glance


All data always with you - even with poor reception

From tour planning to ordering

In the office, you're annoyed by the fact that every process step is somewhere else. On the move, everything is there.

Tried and tested

Every day, about 3,500 sales people do business on POLUMANA® worth EUR 2.5 million. Day after day.

For all devices

Whether Apple, Android or Windows - polumana is ready for all mobile devices.

Experience POLUMANA® in 30 minutes